Mini tracking device for car

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We have our own profession tracking software,you can click the Demo to login.

we also have mobile APP for Android and IOS,you can serach "SinoTrack" on APP Store(IOS),Google Play(Android) to download.


 Hight Quality and Stability GPS Tracker (Waterproof )

 Easy to use with ACC, more than GT06 GT02 better.

 About main power off alarm, it means when gps tracker disconnect the car battery, device will send sms alarm, which is very useful if the thief tries to disconnect gps tracker and steal the car. (this function just works with built battery device).

 The IMEI and ID NO, is the unique NO. which can not be changed, It can only use 2G(GSM) SIM card, not available for 3G or 4G and CDMA SIM card.

 These countries can not use this product: Japan, Korea, North Korea. And if your country has no 2G sim card, it can't be used either. 

 Before you using the online platform, pls set the server IP,Port and APN (Acess Point Name) of your SIM card by SMS command.

 If your sim card has PIN code (the tracker can not read SIM card), please unlock the sim card on your mobile phone.


  Operating temperature  :20° to 55° C 

  Operating Humidity : 5% to 95% Noncondensing 

  GPS sensitivity:162Db 

  Location Accuracy : 10 meters, 2D RMS

  Time Accuracy : 1 microsecond time synchronization of satellite time


  Buildin GPS Vehicles locator.

  Support 4frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz which can Work worldwide

  Support track the real time address by google link

  Built in battery 150 mAh

  Support Geo Fence Alarm

  Main Power Off Alarm (with built battery only) 

  Support single location

  Support Over Speed Alarm

  Support Low Power Alarm


 Package Includes:

 1× ST-901 GPS Tracker 

 FAQs Need your HIGH attention:

 1. Q: If this tracker can work without a simcard?

 A: This tracker is a combination of current GSM network and GPS positioning. A suitable simcard is a FIRST NECESSITY to make it work. These 2 CANNOT work seperately.

 2. Q: Where can I find a Suitable simcard to make it work?

 A: As mentioned above, a suitable simcard is required to make it work. But when you choose the simcard, you need to be CAREFUL in order not to waste money. The simcard should be a GSM network based (ONLY GSM). The tracker now CANNOT support 3G in theory. Why in theory? According to our selling experience, in some countries such as AU, US, UK, etc, there are ONLY 3G simcard can be found now. But the tracker CAN still perform normally with such 3G simcard, that is because these 3G simcard can support or compatible with a lower generation like 2G or 2.5G, which is enough to make the tracker work. When you choose the simcard, PLEASE DO CONFIRM this with your local simcard provider.

 3. Q: I CANNOT make it work. Both the tracker and user manual are complicated

 A: The tracker comes with a certain technology, but it is a little far away from being told as complicated. About the user manual, it illustrates very detailed on each function, EVEN each correct command you should edit to send to tracker. You just need to spend some little patience reading it over. The user manual will NOT ONLY helps you get familiar with the tracker, BUT ALSO will help you do a CORRECT operation. We are quite sure and very pleased to offer you technical support for any problem, BUT as long as you refer to use manual carefully, you must make it work in perfect condition TOTALLY by yourself. You will enjoy this feeling.

 Specifications : 

Brand Name: SinoTrack
Out Power: 0.02W
Special Feature: Waterproof
Model Name: ST-901
Screen Size: Under 2 Inches
Gps Module: Yes
Voltage: 12V
Item Size: 10.4cm(length) * 8.3cm(width) * 2.4cm(height)
Color: black
Battery : 150mAh, if you choose with battery
Band: Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900mHz
Working Voltage: 6 to 80 Volts
Battery Life: 1 To 4 Hours